One cuisine,
one philosophy

A restaurant dedicated to indulgence

A setting of natural elegance and a bubble of fresh air

Step inside this impressive and characterful establishment, and you will discover bright, modern and air-conditioned spaces where a mellow, peaceful ambiance reigns supreme. This is a place where style and friendliness mingle, a welcome escape for a spot of serenity located about ten kilometres from Luxembourg City.

The Chef and his wife have designed a setting which fits harmoniously with the spirit of the restaurant: cosy decor, warm beige tones, tastefully arranged tables and noble materials, featuring wood, leather, steel and clay: table art at its finest. 

Subtle refinement against a natural backdrop, like returning right back to basics…

An open and friendly venue

Driven by the desire to create a friendly place for sharing and interaction, the Chef wanted to offer bright, open spaces with the kitchen and cooks clearly visible: from the dining area, we observe the teams going about their tasks and, in reflection, they can see the customers enjoying their meals. The transition from one to the other occurs in complete simplicity, creating a relaxed environment.

It is not unusual to see the cooks out in the restaurant area, meeting the customers, chatting with them and presenting the dishes: because here, cooking is first and foremost an exploration of passion and pleasure…

Abundant, appetising and delectable cuisine

Here, the desire to satisfy and surprise is what sets the tone: Chef Molard offers you harmonious fare, which marries textures, techniques and tastes, while ensuring balance and respecting product seasonality.

Let your senses be your guide: the sight of an attractive, colourful and sophisticated plate; the fragrance of a gourmet dish; the taste of quality and solely seasonal products, revisited at the whim of inspiration. The result is, quite simply, the height of gourmet pleasure.

Embark on a culinary adventure, with the guarantee that each time you're served, “Votre Langue Sourit”: your tongue smiles…

and booking

Ma Langue Sourit boasts a private, air-conditioned room for your business meals or your private events.
You are guaranteed all the intimacy and tranquillity you need for any occasion.

Get in touch by telephone +352 26 35 20 31 or e-mail to book your table.