Set Menus

Set Menus

The Signature Menu proposed in 8,6 or 4 courses

4 courses


4 courses ( fraicheur, starter, fish or meat, dessert)
Served only for lunch time from Tuesday to Friday lunch

* Ask for a wine or cockail paring 

6 courses Menu

6 courses


Menu 6 courses (fraicheur, 2 starters, salty pause, fish or meat, dessert)
Served for lunch and dinner 

Signature Menu

8 courses


Wine paring 5 glasses


Wine paring 4 glasses


Alcohol free 5 glasses


Alcohol free 4 glasses


Menu 8 courses (fraicheur, 2 starters, fish, salty pause, meat, pre dessert, dessert)
Served for lunch and dinner 

* Wine and alcohol free paring are available for all menus

Menu Signature

from season to season

The Chef and his team draw their inspiration and design their dishes from nature’s very own generous and abundant offering each and every season: they give pride of place to seasonal products, renowned for their outstanding quality, whether organic, local, from near or afar.

Motivated by the desire to please and unveil new taste experiences, the Chef constantly innovates with vegetables, meat and fish, revamping certain products, working with talent and audacity to titillate and treat our taste buds!

and booking

To book your table, feel free to get in touch by telephone +352 26 35 20 31 or by e-mail