One cuisine,
one philosophy

2* Michelin Restaurant
in Luxembourg

Our Restaurant,
a haven of indulgence

Located 10 kilometres from Luxembourg City, at the edge of the forest, the restaurant Ma Langue Sourit unveils its chic and cosy environment, its intimate ambiance and its cuisine that is as precise and balanced as it is generous and delicious.

With their dishes and in partnership with the seasons, with a passion for cuisine and service, Chef Cyril Molard and his team express the desire to create a peaceful and authentic establishment, where it’s worth taking the time to experience and relish their highly delectable fare.

Our Cuisine
Abundant, gourmet, creative

Faithful to this gastronomical philosophy, we offer you harmonious dishes, placing the product at the centre and marrying textures, techniques and tastes with one sole objective: to deliver a sensory experience, arouse excitement for good food and create new sensations.

Just like Julie, aged 4, who exclaimed, while eating an ice cream, "Ma langue sourit" (my tongue is smiling), our Restaurant strives to make each of your tastings unique, flavour-packed moments of discovery. Gustatory pleasure and happiness are forever our focus.

Your Experience,
pleasures, emotions, sensations

In Luxembourg, lodged between France, Belgium and Germany, Ma Langue Sourit invites you into a feel-good bubble: in a refined and air-conditioned setting where the kitchen is on show, you can sample generous, gourmet and refined dishes.

In the restaurant area, noble materials pay homage to nature and beckon you to return to authenticity and sobriety. Everything is in place to bring you closer to the nourishing qualities of nature.

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