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Gastronomical Delicatessen  

After having a chocolate ice cream, Julie 4 years old says with mockery « Ma langue sourit » (My tongue smile).

The envy of giving You this beautiful feeling, has been the main source of motivation to open this establishment
But also to make you discover some products, some flavour and association of taste and an atmosphere. The whole of it being the aim of our work.

The desire of a professional team, who want, in simplicity and care, to make you have a good time and make your tongue smile

The term Gastronomic, means everything and nothing too. We want to cook and understandable and tasty cuisine, keeping in mind that the only thing that will make you go further is Work
A restaurant is an exceptional adventure, a lifetime experience where the judgement is made straight away

This feeling give us a sense. A logic but most of all the pleasure to please

This new website has been build to, of course, inform you, guide you et try to fullfill your curiosity in a clear manner but also to make you discover on the few pictures our passion, our work, our philosophy

Cyril Molard

Chef Molard, Moutfort, Luxembourg, Ma Langue Sourit
In a few lines  

- Restaurant 1 Michelin star
- Open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 12PM to 2PM and from 7Pm to 10Pm
- Closed on Sundays and Mondays
- Possibilities to book the restaurant on Sundays and Mondays for private events
- Disabled person access
- Car park
- Possibilities to arrange group up to 40 or 50 at most
- Terrace. Open in the sunny days
- Restaurant room « bibliothèque » with cookery book shelves - Capacity : 10 person maximum

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Chef Molard, Moutfort, Luxembourg, Ma Langue Sourit